Movie Time!

I haven’t made one of these in forever. And I said on Facebook that I was done beating this dead horse, but dammit, the guy is an ass.

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Kirby Delauter

Kirby doesn’t want reporters using his name without permission.

What about tattoo artists?


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Rommel Rommel


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Merry Early Christmas

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Elf MILF on the Shelf

MILF on the Shelf

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Turkey Day!

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This Looks Promising!

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States I’ve Been In

Create Your Own Visited States Map

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Kickstart FIST OF JUSTICE #7 and READ issue #1

Here’s a link to a very nice article about Fist of Justice.¬† Check it out, and when you’re done, browse around the rest of their site.

Kickstart FIST OF JUSTICE #7 and READ issue #1


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Good Lord, NO!

Yeahhhh… that would have been a sure fire way to get me to NOT want to eat that shit.

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