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Fist of Justice


What if you were a superhero and you lost your powers, only to have them return again after 30 years during which time you forgot who you were? To make matters worse, you’re in a world that no longer resembles the one you’re used to. That’s exactly what Marc Mason must deal with when he, as Fist of Justice, battles giant robots, hulking monsters, others heroes and his arch nemesis, Dr. Dibuk.

Mason, a former Olympic boxer, was the Fist of Justice – the defender of Charm City. Righting wrongs and fighting evil, Fist of Justice kept the streets safe and was a hero to many. No matter the odds, he was always able to win the day.
Until the one day he didn’t.
In an instant, Mason suffered a horrible loss at the hands of Dibuk. Unable to deal with the shock, he was easily and soundly defeated. His memories erased and his powers gone, it seemed that Mason would live the rest of his life as a John Doe in an asylum.
Now he’s back and every day is a struggle to not only help Charm City return to its former glory, but to cope with and understand all of the changes in the world around him.

If you like Marvel Comics from the Bronze Age, you’ll dig Fist of Justice. He’s no “doom and gloom” anti-hero, he’s a hero who does what he does because he can and it’s the right thing to do.

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