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FoJ Vol 2 TPBFist of Justice Vol. 1: Homecoming – $19.95

Collects Fist of Justice Vol. 1 #0-5 and Fist of Justice Vol. 2 #1:
Finally in collected form, it’s the first seven ‘Fist of Justice’ stories! What if you were a superhero and you lost your powers, only to have them return after 30 years during which time you forgot who you were? To make matters worse, you’re in a world that no longer resembles the “quaint, retro” one you’re used to. That’s exactly what Marc Mason must deal with when he, as Fist of Justice, battles giant robots, hulking monsters, other heroes and his arch-nemesis, Dr. Dibuk. With art by hot artists Yildiray Cinar and Chad Hardin.




FoJ Vol 2 TPBFist of Justice Vol. 2: Changes – $19.95

Collects Fist of Justice Vol. 2 #2-6
Join us as we continue FoJ’s journey towards reclaiming his life and finding his place in this new world. Of course, nothing’s ever easy; As if the repeated appearance of the enigmatic Professor Mistyk, who keeps sending him to alternate timelines for reasons that have not been made fully clear to him yet, wasn’t enough, Marc is going to have to deal with old foes, monsters made of molten rock, mole men, a race-car driving talking dog, zombies and… Fist of Justice Lad?!? Brought to you by Mike Imboden, Ed Dukeshire and artists Eduardo Savid, Chad Hardin, Pow Rodrix and Ric Milk and more. © 2017 Frontier Theme