This Looks Promising!

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States I’ve Been In

Create Your Own Visited States Map

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Kickstart FIST OF JUSTICE #7 and READ issue #1

Here’s a link to a very nice article about Fist of Justice.  Check it out, and when you’re done, browse around the rest of their site.

Kickstart FIST OF JUSTICE #7 and READ issue #1


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Good Lord, NO!

Yeahhhh… that would have been a sure fire way to get me to NOT want to eat that shit.

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VA ComicCon

FOJ VA Comiccon

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Dos Cervezas?

So the other day at the comic store where I work (Beyond Comics) a couple of us dressed up for the Halloween Fest comic giveaway thing we had going on.  I dressed up as my fictional alter ego, the Mexican Luchador “La Cerveza”.  The artist we had there doing sketches (Terry Flippo) was so inspired he drew a sketch card of La Cerveza for me.

Dos Las Cervezas

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Fist of Justice #7

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This is the all new, all daring, all different! I’ll have all sorts of neat things here in the weeks to come, so stay tuned!

And please pardon the mess while I get things in order.  I’ve got a lot on my plate and this isn’t top of the pile, so I’ll be working on getting it up and running when I can.

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Happy Thanksgiving

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Fist of Justice

So, in our rush to start promoting the fact that we were re-launching FoJ next year we kinda’ forgot that there’s a lot old links lying around out there.

If you were directed here as part of a search, maybe it was linked in an old review or interview, here’s what you need to know:

1) The Facebook page ( is the best place to check for info.  We’re setting up a new page at a new domain and will post it on Facebook once we have it ready to go.  Ignore links you might find out there that point to a .COM site – that’s not us.

2) Back issues.  For the moment, here’s what I could find online:

Mile High Comics

Midtown Comics

And if you have ComiXology, everything is available there.

3) Back issues will be available through us as soon as we’re up and running. You can also leave a reply to THIS post and I will personally add you to a list of people to contact to get issues to.

Thanks for your patience and, most importantly, your interest in Fist of Justice!

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