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Politics as Usual

My Culture War Stance
Score: -3.92

Political Spectrum Quiz

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Setting the Record Straight

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Avengers Trailer #2

I’ve been trying to add this directly here to, but something’s acting all stupid with my FTP client. So, here it is embedded for now:

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NYT Best Selling Author?!?

Hells, yeah (#6 on the paperback list)!
Yes, this accomplishment is not mine alone – I was but a fraction of a larger group, but then again, not everyone can say that something they worked on has made this list.
So I share this honor with some of the hardest working small press and Indy folks in the business right now. And we ALL have YOU to thank for helping us get there.
NYT Best Seller List 1-29-12Here’s the NY Times List itself

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Censorship Sucks

It’s no surprise that big businesses and corporations run this country, and if SOPA and PIPA pass then it will be even more obvious as websites that they don’t agree with can be taken down, with its assets frozen and the domain withheld all under a dubious claim of copyright infringement that nobody will have to prove.

As a creator I am hip to wanting to protect copyrights, but neither of these bills really make any progressive strides towards doing that. Saying I am against bills that aim to help protect copyrights is only taking half of what is going on and claiming it as fact. It would be like saying that because you don’t like the idea of banning automobiles means you’re in favor drunk driving.

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Quite Possibly the Greatest Video Ever

[flv] Freeman as Count Dracula on The Electric Company.flv[/flv]

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Best Buy Update

Well, look what just showed up in my email Inbox:

Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2012 14:39:42 -0600
From: Best Buy Consumer Relations <>
To: <>
Subject: re: Advertising Campaign

Dear Mike-

Thank you for sharing your reaction to our TV advertising campaign, “Game on, Santa”.

We apologize if you were offended by the content of our ads. This certainly was not our intent. We will be sure to pass your comments on to our marketing department and advertising agency.


Best Buy Consumer Relations

Nice to know they actually read it, considering I believe I said TWICE that I wasn’t offended, just sad that they’d chose such a mean-spirited ad campaign.
Color me not surprised, though.  Anyway, at least some closure.
Or… should I press on and move up the chain?

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If the Atari 2600 Was Honest

I had an Atari 2600 and I loved it.  The thing I didn’t love was buying a game with my hard earned money (read: saved up lunch money) only to find out that the game was NOTHING like the box. If wish this guy had been around and working for Atari back in the day.  He found a bunch of Atari games in their boxes at a yard sale and with a little Photoshop magic, made the game titles a little more accurate, based on the art.

Here’s an example:

One game that nags me to this day was “Slot Racers”. I bought that game only for the box art. This is the box, with – while not a more accurate title – at least a much funnier one.

Here’s what that fucker looked like:

Anyway, go check out this guy’s re-worked game boxes. I promise you’ll laugh at some of them.

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